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Professional Blend VII

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Emma WilsonFollow



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Date of Creation

Fall 12-9-2019

Artist Statement

I have always been an artist ever since I was a child. My mom was one of my influences to become an artist because she always made arts and crafts with me. My aunt, Janet Wilson, is a very skilled self-taught painter and was also a large influence on my artistic life. I thoroughly enjoy the art of photography.

Tara Chisholm once quoted, “Photography is the beauty of life captured.” My photography is very sentimental because it’s mostly about family. Family is so important in life and so is being able to snap shoot memorable times. I explore the concept of the happiness that family brings. With photography, a moment can be captured that you might not ever get back again in your lifetime.

I often use high contrast in my black and white photos in digital and film. An American photographer who also enjoys photographing people in black and white is Richard Avedon. I believe that contrast creates a dramatic feeling while viewing a photo, which I find interesting. I often focus on the composition of a photograph.

Although I shoot black and white photography, I also love color. My artwork outside of photography focuses on the use of color, which is what attracts me to a piece of art. I find joy in making art with color because of a dark part of my childhood. Now that my life is much happier, I often create happy art. To me, color represents happiness. I want my viewer to feel happy when looking at my happy work, unless I intended to give the viewer a different feeling. Art is very important in my life. I love being an artist.


Mike Martin


Emma Wilson
The Contemplation of a Two Year Old

Digital Print
9.5" x 14.25"

Photo Credit

Photo credit, Sarah Martin, 2019

Professional Blend VII



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