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Twinkle Bhojwani

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Fall 12-8-2019

Artist Statement

Being a young designer, it is sometimes inevitable to not have a fickle mind as I try to grow. I want to create aesthetically pleasing work by pushing my brain to move beyond my first idea in order to develop original approaches to the challenges that arise, and that is why I design. I see poor design that evokes an emotion in me to want to fix it.

The way things are designed, whether good or bad, communicates just as boldly as the message or the idea. I use my designs to evoke an emotion by pushing ideas, manipulating line, experimenting with shapes and colors, and observing detail. I have made it more interesting by having a relationship with my design. My work ranges from the use of thin and heavy typography, sleek imagery, and bold, solid colors. My design stems more towards designing business systems, package design, advertisements, and layout designs. All of my work has a lot in common, for example in most of my designs I lean more towards serif fonts, lots of white space, and the use of typography more than imagery.

Jennifer Morla, a contemporary designer, once said, “asking questions generates more ideas.” I am definitely an external processor, so I tend to think out loud in order to generate ideas. Design heavily influences contemporary society and is influenced by society. When I create work, I do not only think about solving the problem, I also think about changing the contemporary world around me, because being a designer, gives me power. Design gets me one step closer to others seeing the world through my lens.

My work is visually influenced by Herb Lubalin. He would manipulate type in such a creative way, that it would look like an image rather than typography. I like to experiment with fonts more than with imagery, and he is an advocate for this. I am most inspired by his design of the font “Avant Garde.”


Jim Bryant


This is my work over the past 4 years. Most (if not all) are digital pieces done in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

Twinkle Bhojwani



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