Terra Incognita

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Terra Incognita

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Savannah Jane WaltonFollow


Download Where the dogs of society howl, ink, pen, & mylar on birch wood, 2019. 6x6 ft. (2.3 MB)

Download untitled, Lithograph, 2019. 22x30” (3.1 MB)

Download Untitled, ink and charcoal on paper, 2019. 7x4’ (2.7 MB)

Download untitled, installation, 2019. 36 ft. (1.6 MB)

Download untitled, pen on mylar, 2019. 18x24”’ (2.0 MB)

Download Moon Begins, ink and screen print on canvas, 2019. 7x14.2’ (3.7 MB)

Download untitled, ink on paper, 2019. 8x10” (937 KB)

Download Untitled, ink on paper, 2019. 12x9” (1.5 MB)

Download people talking without listening,ink on paper, 2019. 36x48’ series of four. (1.4 MB)

Download untitled, ink and pen on birch wood, 2019. 36x48" (4.8 MB)

Download untitled, screen print and ink installation, 2019. 36x8’ (576 KB)

Download untitled, screen print and ink installation, 2019. 36x8’ (550 KB)

Download ask alice brewing co. Branding of beer. 2018. set of three (11.5 MB)

Download Mural for The Joint BBQ Company. 2018. 6x16 (1.9 MB)

Download We are all human, photograph. 2018. 6x16 (255 KB)

Download Untitled, ink on paper, 2019. 12x9” (1.6 MB)

Download no one dare disturb the silence, installation, 2019. 36 ft. (3.6 MB)

Download Untitled, 100 screen print installation, 2019. 50x50 (281 KB)

Download The beginning, screenprint, 2019. 6x6 ft. (3.9 MB)

Download detail shot of "Moon Begins" (5.1 MB)

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Date of Creation

Fall 12-11-2019

Artist Statement

To seduce one’s mind is about the thrill of the desire itself. Through the strange marks, there is desire to invent something out of the unknown. The thrill of the sensation of energy. You can’t articulate what is happening... but you feel it. Consumed by reading this euphoric language, you desire to depict the code of the rhythm to challenge your mind’s environment. This is the language that is translating as sound moves through space, daring you to disturb the silence.

I am the architect of my own wonderland, allowing me to compose my acoustic map with expressive mark making to enhance the experience of movement. Using music theory to create controlled nonsense, I develop an overwhelming environment. I want to pull from society’s vulnerabilities of the confusion that this space is ‘off the grid.’ Expanding outside the realm of reality into a space of uncontrolled time where the sound becomes your enlightenment—state of no mindness. The act of visualizing this sound through space is shown through altering organic forms within industrial structures to really play out the rhythm for the people. The line work creates its own lyrical language stemming from design elements and algorithms. Communicating vibrations through the repetition of busy shapes combined with the act of reduction and addition to create depth through the negative space. Using layers of transparencies, geometric shapes and line is how I deconstruct the perception of my large scale composition. I manipulate the intuitive flow of lines to illuminate my abstraction.

Contemporary German artist, Jorinde Voigt, creates large scale drawings incorporating text and collaged elements with energetic yet cryptically ordered compositions. “My work is like music,” Voigt says. “You can enjoy it without being able to read the score.” And honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Graphic designer David Carson, advises artists “Don’t mistake legibility for communication.” These words pushed me to explore how to communicate the visualization of sound. After all, you can’t read my pieces—but they do tell a story. These stories with no location, enticing you to get lost.


Jim Bryant, Nicole Hand, Todd Herzburg


This is a collection of my works that are preparing for my BFA

Terra Incognita