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Natural Aspects

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Fall 12-12-2019

Artist Statement

Kaylie Riley

I can never seem to get away from the natural world. Almost everything I do whether intentional or not I always seem to make my art about nature in some way, shape, or form. I have always felt a connection with nature and it is where I am the happiest and I am afraid of losing it.

In my body of work from past to present the formal elements are earthy and organic and even in my graphics work I incorporate rounded shapes and corners. My color palette is usually neutral colors or softer colors more like pastels and I rarely use vibrant colors. My work is also more detailed in its mark making and usually has a message to go along with it. Since being afraid of losing the gorgeous environment we live in; I Make my work about the harsh truths of what is happening in our world.

Every time I go to make a piece of art, I cannot help but to think about the earth and how beautiful it is so my art reflects my feelings about. It captures my excitement and my sadness moving on in this world.


Professor T. Michael Martin


Etchings 11 x 15 in. Silk screen Posters 18 x 24 in. Graphic prints 11 x 15 in. Icons and App design are formatted to fit iPhone X. Logos 5 x 5 in.

Natural Aspects



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