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Fall 12-10-2019

Artist Statement

My art explores the realm of beauty using form, shape, line, and color. I am interested in using geometric and organic elements to visually balance the artwork in the eyes of the viewer. As an artist, I want my art to communicate balance to the people viewing it. I often apply asymmetry in my artwork. Asymmetry grabs the viewers’ attention and connects all of the elements in the pieces by drawing attention towards the subject of the art piece. I also like to emphasize texture in my art, as a subject matter. I love the visual texture and the diverse range of shades you get from darkroom photography as well as the experimentation process you go through. In addition to texture, I am also drawn to the use of warm colors and the natural movement of shape and form (when using 3-D materials). In other artists artwork, I am attracted to organic, shapes as well because it gives a fantastical and abstract feeling as well as comfort. Wassily Kandinsky is one of my artist influences. Kandinsky is an expressionist painter who used line, primary colors, and shapes in such a way that he created almost-patterns. I am attracted to the asymmetry and open-ended interpretation of his artwork. I am also attracted to the abstract and surreal landscapes of Marc Adamus. In his photographs, he uses nature as a tool to create beautiful and complex landscapes. The exquisite views used in his landscapes almost look too good to be real and include light and dark contrast. Similar to Kandinsky’s and Adamus’s artworks, I often use abstract elements to create art that is not of one specific meaning and create surreal experiences.

In my photography, I combine the rustic and the new. In other artists’ artwork, as well as mine, I am drawn to the use of rustic objects to repurpose them creatively and to reflect them in a newer or more surreal perspective. The juxtaposition of rustic and new objects gives a fantastical, almost unrealistic, surreal setting for the viewers’ imagination. Ansel Adam’s photography also does just that. His artwork gives a fantastical setting by using nature, such as geysers and landscapes, to create a setting for a story unique to the viewers. I am influenced by Ansel Adam’s work because of his passion for embracing nature and using it as his subject matter to positively bring awareness of the its beauty to his viewers. I combine nature with rustic and new elements to create and communicate beauty in a familiar but new context, creating a surreal landscape. My subject matter is old barns, buildings, bodies of water, wood, and natural landscapes, amongst other things. Architectural forms inspire me as an artist, like buildings, frames, and structural lines. For example, one of my most recent pieces called double exposure is a piece created through double exposure in the darkroom which includes, as its subject matter, a boat dock on the bottom of the photograph with a multitude of horizontal and vertical structural lines. Connecting the dock to the top of the piece, which is a shore filled with leaves, are 2 parallel lines going diagonally from the bottom left of the page to the top right. Beauty to me is old, rustic things and places that are often forgotten or overlooked. I want to promote the appreciation of this rustic beauty.

Although some of my work is structural, I do not plan out the subject matter of my artwork. My creative process is unplanned and impulsive in how I create art. I create artwork based on feeling and emotion. When I create my photographs, I walk or drive around, stopping to take pictures when I am inspired while using unique perspectives that beautify the subject. I have ideas of and visualize what I desire my photographs to look like, although sometimes uncertain on how they will be, and then make it happen by using a set and experimental process in the darkroom. The impulsive characteristic of my artwork excites me, and I often find myself in a timeless daze where I am not thinking but doing.

Untitled (First Abstract Watercolor) 1910 Kandinsky

Ansel Adams Emerald Peak in San Joaquin Sierra, 1939

Marc Adamus Heart of the Tree, 2016


T. Micheal Martin


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