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Nova Tabor Professional Practices Portfolio

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Spring 3-2-2020

Artist Statement

Nova Tabor

Artist Statement

I see my artwork as an outward extension of myself. I am a highly passionate and emotional person, and I prefer to let that come through in my artwork. In my artwork I tend to us a lot of bold and bright colors, and thick dark outlines. I’m highly inspired by cartoons and animation, and I love trying to create the same wild, energetic, and off the wall energy for my graphic design work. My work is outpouring and expression of myself. I attempt to unload my thoughts and emotions in as palpable and genuine manner as possible. When people view my artwork, I hope it evokes strong emotions within them as well. I think channeling energy and strong reactions can be extremely helpful when thinking about Graphic design and advertising.

My focus in art is on graphic design, but I have a strong background in drawing. I try to utilize this background when working on the computer to give some of my work a more natural and relaxed feel. One of the aspects of graphic design that I most enjoy, is logo design. One piece of mine was a logo for a fictional science and research lab. I created the logo by picking two random concepts and fusing them together, umbrellas and spaces. The body of the umbrella functions as a window to space and the stars, but the disconnected umbrella handle helps to keep the image readable.


Jim Bryant, Timothy Martin


collection of graphic design work. Posters, logo, brochure, annual report.

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Nova Tabor Professional Practices Portfolio