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Spring 5-1-2020

Artist Statement

Artist statement

My work is based around my personal beliefs, feelings, and experiences. This means that my work often displays a feminine perspective. It also means that I consider women’s issues when creating. I often dig into my roots for inspiration, this causes me to incorporate midwestern imagery into my pieces like nature and agriculture. My preferred medium is oil painting. I am drawn to the repetitive nature of layering. However, I also enjoy working with charcoal and sculpture.

Art has the ability to be expressive and create an experience for the viewer as well as the artist. By utilizing this I intend to help viewers relate to my work, or at least understand a perspective that may not be their own. My collections are intended to start a dialog, raise a question, or evoke an emotion in the audience. Art also provides me with a platform for my concerns and opinions.

Most of my paintings are figurative. While not all of the figures I create are clearly defined into male or female, I often draw into the feminine aesthetics. I also tend to dramatize my pieces by utilizing color in order to create a dynamic work. By using highly saturated colors it allows me to incorporate a great deal of contrast and depth as well.

My sculptures tend to be connected to the viewer’s sense of touch. I find that texture is something that really affects the small choices I make everyday. Therefore, this became a concept that constantly appears in my three dimensional pieces. Part of the observation of my works require you to think about what they are created from, how they feel, and who created them. Like my sculptures my abstract pieces are often inspired by my own sense of touch. Compared to the rest of my work My abstractions tend to incorporate heavy linear patterns.

Another commonality amongst my work is that I usually stick to forgiving media, (oil paint, charcoal, and handbuilding). This is because I am not perfect and sometimes there are accidents (whether they be negative or positive) and art is about problem solving. I think that my art is not always going to be perfect just like life and both things should be subject to change. This also ties into why I want my audience to touch my sculptures. Over time they will be subject to the change that goes on in the world around it just like we are.


Professor Danielle Muzina and Professor Mike Martin


Most of the pieces in this exhibition are observational studies that focus on the view of the artist. A lot of these pieces were created with the intent to apply a new skill or technique. As I continued to develop as an artist I began exploring art from the perspective of the artist and that is want most of my work encompasses. In a way this is a chronological showing of my development as an artist conceptually. I tend to create pieces the engage themes like evaluation and contemplation in two dimensional mediums. In my sculptural pieces I aim to use texture, sense of touch and experience to evoke emotion. The majority of my work is oil paint and sculptural pieces because of their tactile nature. I also prefer forgiving mediums because like the world I think art should be subject to change over time.

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Karli Steinbruegge

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Art399 Portfolio



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