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Spring 2020

Artist Statement

I am from Taiwan, and I transferred from Ming Dao University (MDU) in Taiwan. When I was in Taiwan, most of my artworks were metalworking. After I came to Murray State, my artworks are mostly ceramics and sculpture. For my ceramics, I’m attracted to do hand-building, casting, and molding.

Some of my artworks ideas are influenced by my Christian faith. For example, one of my sculptures is an ocean wave. I used the movement of waves to represent God’s power. Also, there is a series of bottles I made; I used that series to describe my life with different stages in how the Lord has changed me. Some of my artwork ideas also are influenced by my emotional feelings, like depression, struggles, peace, and joy. I want the viewer to feel touched when they see my work. When people see artwork, they might comment on how it looks at first, but I care more about the meanings and ideas behind the art pieces.

I like abstract art styles, and I want to combine my three dimensional art pieces with abstract style. For example, I am interested in Hunter Stamps’ abstract ceramic vase because his vase is not just a vase standing there; its abstract style gives you inspiration and different feelings.

I like emotion-provoking and dynamic movement pieces. For example, I am interested in Canova’s sculptures. His sculptures have many different movements on it, and the sculpture looks like it is really moving. Also, you can see the emotions in his pieces. Especially the emotion in his pieces, they give me ideas for my artwork.

All in all, I like to do ceramics and sculptures. Three dimensional, it makes me feel happy. I'm interested in abstract styles and emotion-provoking pieces. My artworks are usually influenced by my Christian faith, emotional feelings, people’s struggle, and the story of my life.


Christopher Lavery/John Utgaard / Mike Martin


They are ceramic works, the idea behind them most are about healing. Broken, but made whole by him. Many of my pieces are come from Christianity faith. I use hand build or combine with casting, few of them are throwing on the wheel. Most of them are hand build.




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