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Code Craft

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Spring 3-31-2017

Artist Statement

This exhibition, Code Craft is a web design firm that I created, that uses traditional advertising to promote their services and locations. Code Craft emphasizes the hands on craft of websites and connection to the local community through illustrative posters, booklets, and a client welcome package.

There are illustrations used throughout the website, posters, and booklet that creates a more hands-on feel than if photos were used in their place. The posters use a combination of photo realistic illustrations that catch the viewers eye, and a more organic illustration of a map that allows a resting place for the information about the brand. The colors are primarily cool, which communicates a calm and welcoming feeling that aids in the balance from the busy illustrations of the buildings. The combination of the color palette and vector illustrations create a mimic of the flat design of websites. The typeface used throughout the branding is Avenir Next, a sans-serif font that helps maintain the easy-going persona of Code Craft, and creates a connection to the current web world as sans-serif fonts are the most common fonts on the web. Throughout the website and booklet there is more white space being utilized since there is more content to display. The use of white space contributes to the calm and welcoming feeling that the posters also portrayed.

A few of the artists whose work inspires me currently are Kate Moross and Alex Estrada. Alex uses very clean and modern designs in her web work, and sticks to a simple color scheme throughout her work. Kate alternatively uses bright and popping colors with no specific color scheme to match her flowing bouncy style. I pull from both of these with a combination of bright popping colors, but a cleaner and more modern design overall.


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