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Date of Creation

Fall 11-18-2022

Artist Statement

Katie Indalecio | Bread & Butter

A dash of joy and a pinch of whimsy. Ingredients of my ever-evolving design approach. As if instinctual, I find my thoughts wandering to food for subject matter. Food and Design parallel one another in many ways, through bold colors, interesting textures, and unique flavors; they are both subjects that are consumed on a massive scale daily. What better way to represent my interest in food, and also display my versatility in illustration, layout, and typography than in the form of a magazine?

Bread & Butter is a simple, forthright title for both the food magazine and the exhibition itself. My show features a self-branded magazine, package designs, posters, and an instructional cooking video inspired by a recipe from the magazine. The magazine consists of lively illustrations, bold colors, and clever typography that engage readers of any age to appreciate food through the scope of the brand. A huge part of my process starts in the sketching/planning stage. I spend a lot of time here because I involve so much illustration within my design. Since the brand extends to physical products and videography, I focus on consistency and detail to connect each element to one identity. The main focus in the magazine is the illustration as it enhances my layout, hierarchy of type, and maximalist intention. I have chosen to work with a bold, saturated color palette to give my brand a vibrant and energetic feel. My color palette is complimented by my choice in typography, which features fun pairings of letterform families that echo my influences in design.

Consistent research helps me stay aware of everyday content that is created by both print-based and digital food media. A few contemporary food identities that have fueled my inspiration are the King Arthur Baking Company, The Momofuku Group’s discontinued Lucky Peach magazine, and various personalities from the company Bon Appétite. Designer identities that have informed my design practices are Kate Bingaman-Burt, for her “doodle-like’ illustration style, Aaron Draplin for his eclectic visual design, and Gian Wong for his work in lettering. These influences have informed my own design voice that I have communicated throughout the food identity Bread & Butter.


James Bryant; Gregory Cook; John Utgaard; Timothy Martin


The methods used to create this exhibition were Graphic Design, Illustration, Digital Printing, Motion Graphics, Package Design, and Vinyl.

Breakfast, Illustration Poster: 18" x 24"

Lunch, Illustration Poster: 18" x 24"

Dinner, Illustration Poster : 18 x 24"

Bread & Butter Exhibition Poster: 11" x 17"

Bread & Butter, Magazine: 9" x 11" (24 pages)

Afternoon Oolong, Tea Packages (x3): 6.75"(tall) and 3.75"(diameter)

Sunrise Sumatra, Coffee Packages (x3): 5" x 7.5", side and bottom gusset - 2.5"

Dutch Oven Bread, 6 Minute and 40 second video with audio

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Bread & Butter



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