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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Spring 4-14-2023

Artist Statement

The word Artistico in Spanish references someone gifted with the arts, providing meaning to the name of this fictional self-branded stationary store. Artistico is a paper goods store that provides personalized items with unique and fun designs. The products are composed of elements like packaging, posters, illustrations, notebooks, pins, greeting cards and more. The body of work as weel as the logotype is unified by the bold and dynamic typeface, Comfortaa. Artistico embraces vivid colors, fun patterns and clean designs that create a strong brand identity.

Recieving a piece of high-quality perzonalized stationary feels meaninful. As an artist I express myself better through my compositons and designs. With my work, I like to grab inspiration from the people and places around me. Developing an identity in graphic design has helped me create a style worth sharing with others. Throughout my work, I like to pair bright colors with playful pattern in hopes to get the audience’s attention and interest.

Throughout the brand Artistico I want to provide meaningful pieces of art and through package design that incorporates a unique experience and composition that works with other pieces in display. The brand incorporates playful icons that are seen across the work tied together with fun colors and organic shapes. A big part of these compositions is the usage of sustainable French paper that provides the vintage aesthetic.

For the visual of the storefront, I was inspired by many works of Dani Klaric. She takes on empty and dull spaces and fills them up with one-of-a-kind pieces that transform the space. In the same way, Lotta Nieminen’s work inspired me to work with different shapes and compositions. She incorporates patterns in her illustrations. In my designs, the overall use of typography was inspired by the style of bold sans serif fonts that Massimo Vignelli’s work has. Also, companies like Rifle Paper Co. and Papersmiths utilize bold colors and playful characters into their stationery. With my work, I want to provide the audience some of the joy that always comes from handmade stationary items.


Scott Cook, Sarah Martin, Jim Bryant



ARTISTICO - The ARTISTICO in you, a paper goods store that came to exist after combining several of the skills as a designer that I picked up along the way. Through my designs, I wanted to bring joy to those who appreciate good craft and unique design. ARTISTICO is a self-branded store that focuses on the importance of packaging by bringing vibrant colors and fun patterns together. Combining Mexican humor and unique designs, this self-branded store had multiple items available for purchase.

With the exhibition space and arrangement, I wanted to create a sense of a storefront view where you could see the products displayed. Along with the store quote posters, all of the packages were made with French paper and used the color palette of the store. It's vibrant colors and fun icons were put together to create a fun pattern to unify the identity of the brand ARTISTICO as it tied all of the items and posters displayed in the exhibition.

Photo Credit

Alma Garcia

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