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Date of Creation

Fall 11-17-2023

Artist Statement

Like Pulling Teeth’s album Living and Dying in a Bathtub captures every detail and the drive of a punk band except for the fact that they do not exist, its existence, however, does not negate the impact the lyrics, music, and imagery have in the same way real bands express our emotions and turmoils through their creations. For me, there has always been a strong connection to the grunge and punk music scene - the loud noise and screams about our world’s injustices or personal grievances echo and ring in a captivating manner. Former Dead Kennedys lead singer, Eric “ Jello Biafra” Boucher has stated “Punk rock will never die until something more dangerous replaces it” (1978 – 1986) and his impact on his followers, myself included, couldn’t agree more. However, rather than choosing to make music as an outlet for my advocacies and emotions, I have taken a predominantly visual route through distorted imagery with harsh lines and dark colors in an amplifying manner. With this show, there is cohesion in both art forms to produce the anger and aggression that makes a punk band what they are.

With such a roaring sound, punk music will always have album artwork that wraps it together with an equally roaring aesthetic. I have always been fond of the way Barbara Kruger modifies found photography and turns them into cutthroat political commentary by Barbara Kruger, she works heavily with high-contrast black and white imagery but accents one other color, predominantly red, to create an eye-catching and grim appearance. Similarly, Bill Direen is a musician who will use heavily altered photographs and prints for album work to match the post-punk scene, which I have also come to reference in album work and band collateral. The imagery used is not meant to be ‘beautiful’ in any way, but rather bizarre and visceral. As for the typographic elements, I have found inspiration from Brent Ashe, who uses San Serif typography and a minimal color palette to bring a bold and sharp aesthetic to the advertised product: including album art and band logos.

My media of choice are digital-based, including photography and illustration. However, through my merchandise, I have incorporated screen printing and relief printing to give a more traditional “Xerox” appearance while using modern digital art programs. I chose mediums that are commonly used when advertising tours and creating merchandise sold at the venue - large-scale photography and illustrations in posters, opaque designs printed into shirts, bags, and pins, as well as a full-length music video and interview to hone in on the music aspect of the exhibition. Everything from the large-scale album works to the design on ticket stubs all match the bold text and dark color palette, giving a more grunge style. The work I am bringing you today is all for a band that doesn't currently exist but has work and music that represents everything I stand for.


Mr. Scott Cook; Mr. Jim Bryant; Dr. Antje Gamble; Mr. Mike Martin


In inches, 2 " Singles" Posters ( both 18 X 18), 1 large scale main album poster ( 24 X 24), 1 ticket design printed ( 2 X 4.5), 1 CD Booklet printed ( 18 pages, cover and backing is 5 x 5), Cassette design ( 4.5 x 17.5 unfolded), 2 Vertical band posters ( 32 x 24 each) 2 horizontal band posters ( 13 X 24) 2 Different screen printed shirts at different shirt sizes, one black design and one white design ( displayed on an 18 x 18 foam-core), 1 tote bag design ( 12 x 10 displayed), 2 bandana designs screen print designs, one black and one white design ( 20 x 20), 4 different sticker designs ( all approximately 3 x 4), 1 bathtub shaped patch ( 4 x 5), 1 cigarette design patch ( 2 x 4), 1 4 minute interview video, and 1 2 and a half minute music video.

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Like Pulling Teeth



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