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Spring 2024

Artist Statement

I am of the opinion that everyone judges a book by its cover. Why else would books have covers? Visuals are the ultimate first impression. This concept has interested me for a long time. In my work, I try to make the viewer pay attention to information that might otherwise be overlooked by building a connection with the audience when words are the only thing to work with. This is where my love and appreciation of graphic design came from. The idea of organizing art is an interesting concept in itself, but seeing how effective it is when it's carried out well sparked passion. This is why I started designing, but seeing how my work has grown and evolved over time is why I keep designing.

The combination of styles across generations with a modern twist is something that I really enjoy not only seeing but implementing into work. Selecting effective elements from the older styles is a fun challenge. This has made me reconsider the process of creating work, as much as the result. While researching the aesthetics of the 1950s the typography of Hanna Barbera in the title sequences of shows such as “Bewitched” has been inspiring. These sequences are very stylized and memorable. It feels as though their letters are dynamic and have personality rather than being static characters. When working on a computer it can be hard to get the effect of their hand drawn cells, but by manually building each word I’ve achieved the look of the style being emulated. Another artist that has been very influential has been William T. Hurtz. His combination of line work and color blocking to create a sort of offset look in his work such as “Gerald McBoing Boing” and especially in “A Unicorn in the Garden” inspired me. It is through both of these artists that the logo for a new coffee shop, Oh My Stars, came to be. This can be seen through the typography reminiscent of a sitcom intro as well as the offset design of the moon.

The aesthetic of the coffee shop is fundamental to the viewer’s experience and creates an opportunity for the audience to be immersed in the environment. Oh My Stars is a coffee shop first and foremost and should therefore have collateral to support this. This includes a uniform for a barista, coffee sleeves, as well as bigger environmental details such as the hours posted and open/closed signage that would typically be seen in a shop. By supporting the design with items such as a booth, reupholstered to match the branding, or something as simple as punch card, Oh My Stars becomes a place the audience can occupy and engage in.


Jim Bryant; Gregory Scott Cook; Chris Lavery; T. Michael Martin


Oh My Stars is a fictional late-night, 50s themed coffee shop. I wanted to create a coffee shop that went against the status quo of muted earth tones, and create something more vibrant. I was heavily inspired by 50s diners with their bright colors, fun patterns, and interesting typography. I created all of the designs on Procreate or Adobe Illustrator. This includes posters, a menu, punch cards, and signage. I created a promo animation on Adobe Animate that was displayed on a monitor. I also utilized screen printing in the creation of coffee sleeves, an apron, as well as upholstery for a restaurant booth. Overall, I wanted the audience to feel that Oh My Stars was tangible and interactive.

Oh My Stars



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