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Download 3 Little Garcon, Plate Lithography on BFK Rives, 22”x 30”, 2023.jpg (526 KB)

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Download 8 Digging for Gold, Plate Lithography, 22%22x15%22, 2024.jpeg (796 KB)

Download 9 The Eightballs Magic, Photo Litho, 22%22x15%22, 2024.jpeg (1.0 MB)

Download 9 The Eightballs Magic, Photo Litho, 22%22x15%22, 2024.jpeg (1.0 MB)

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Download 11 It's Called Freefall, Plate Lithography, 22%22x14%22, 2024.jpeg (1.5 MB)

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Date of Creation

Spring 4-12-2024

Artist Statement

In the depths of our minds, we carry fragments of our past, pieces of childhood experiences that shape our future selves. Memories, whether warm and joyful, unbearably bad, or insignificant, serve as the building blocks of our character. It is the give and take between these memories and the vices we often keep hidden. My work brings to light the vices that quietly shadow our journey from innocence to adulthood—through methods of printmaking, primarily lithography, I set my childlike self in an empty space to emphasize the idea of memory, however clear or faint it may be. Central to my artistic narrative is the symbolism of the bucket—a vessel ready to receive inspiration, knowledge, and, most profoundly, the core of our youth. This empty vessel represents the receptivity of childhood and our minds' malleability as we absorb the world around us. Through photographs and drawings drawn from my childhood, I develop my artistic narrative. I juxtapose these snapshots of innocence with the presence of the bucket, making a connection between the past and the present. The resulting combination challenges viewers to confront the obscured vices that have quietly guided our evolution. Two significant influences shape my artistic perspective. Karol Pomykala's distinctive approach to printmaking, particularly in his series 'Changes,' diverges from my techniques. Pomykala, a dedicated relief artist, employs dot matrices to construct hyper-realistic compositions, often deviating from traditional compositional norms by extending the edges of his boxes into the margins of his paper. His mastery of space and balance resonates deeply with my artistic aspirations, particularly within the realm of printmaking. Notably, his choice of subject matter, such as rendering an open cardboard box, adds an intriguing dimension to his work. In contrast, Paul Galang's innovative lithographic methods captivate me as a printmaker. Galang's experimental process involves silk-screening gum arabic images onto litho stones and applying asphaltum to the negative spaces. This approach, which incorporates photo references, mirrors many aspects of my work, fostering admiration and inspiration. In “It Builds Character” I invite the viewer to retrace their steps through memories, to recognize the unspoken vices that lie hidden beneath the surface of nostalgia. Through this exploration, we confront the paradox of childhood—the simultaneous embrace of wonder and the inheritance of unseen burdens. I hope that this visual representation sparks interest, illuminating the profound impact of our early experiences on our adult lives.


Timothy Martin, Nicole Hand-Bryant, Christopher Lavery, Leslie Woody


In my artistic journey, I delve into the intricacies of memory and its profound influence on our evolving selves. Drawing from personal recollections and childhood snapshots, I use printmaking, particularly lithography, to illuminate the subtle vices that shape our transition from innocence to maturity. Central to my narrative is the symbolic presence of the bucket, a vessel embodying the receptivity of youth and the malleability of our minds as we absorb life's experiences. By juxtaposing images of innocence with the enigmatic presence of the bucket, I prompt viewers to confront the obscured forces guiding our development.

My creative vision is deeply influenced by artists such as Karol Pomykala and Paul Galang, whose innovative approaches to printmaking resonate with my own aspirations. Pomykala's mastery of space and unconventional subject matter, as seen in his series 'Changes,' inspires my exploration of composition and content. Likewise, Galang's experimental lithographic methods, integrating photo references and silk-screening, fuel my admiration and drive for artistic innovation. In my latest series, "It Builds Character," I invite viewers on a journey through memory, urging them to acknowledge the silent vices lurking beneath the veneer of nostalgia. Through this visual exploration, I aim to shed light on the profound impact of our formative experiences on the trajectory of our lives.

Photo Credit

Harlene Simmons

It Builds Character



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