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Fall 11-18-2016

Artist Statement

“The goal of design is to raise the expectation of what design can be.” – Paula Scher

Even the most humble products deserve to be presented in an extraordinary and elegant manner. As a graphic designer I have the ability to use my art to communicate to the world on a regular basis. I feel it is my responsibility to contribute to making the world a more beautiful and interesting place through my designs. Unleashed Pet Boutique explores the boundaries of branding humble products – dog treats and care items for dogs in an extravagant manner because even these products should be presented beautifully.

Unleashed investigates packaging and design in a method that makes the customer feel like they are buying something special for their pet through the way the product is displayed. I have always been drawn to packaging and designs of Margo Chace. I feel that in this series much of my patterning in these packages is directly inspired by her use of organic illustration in her packaging work. Her design style of using hand-made illustration in her packaging work rather than photography engages the viewer more because it adds a hand-made and unique quality to the work.

This series incorporates mesmerizing patterns layered as green monochromatic print on the green papered packaging that allows the pattern to add a whimsical nature to the packaging without it being overwhelming. This aspect of the packaging has a hand-drawn quality that also gives the feeling that the products are original and one of a kind which is an aspect I want to be prominent in my work. The variety of line and shape within my illustration between the layer of the brown belly band and green box of the packaging creates contrast and allows the viewer to distinguish what is meant to be decorative and what is informational. The packaging, tags, and bags all incorporate a layer of a brown recycled paper on top of the green kraft paper in a different way which creates diversity within the brand and keeps the eye moving. The brand uses specialty paper which adds texture to the packaging as well as creates a quality of being more expensive, one of a kind, hand-made. The colored papers that are used are earth tones associated with healthy products that are all natural. The posters that advertise the brand incorporate the packaging displayed with the ingredients lying out around the products emphasizing the natural and fresh quality. The Unleashed brand exemplifies the idea that even humble products deserve to have unique design that can elevate them to new heights.


Jim Bryant; Sarah Martin; Peggy Schrock; Timothy Martin


My exhibition will encompass comprehensive branding of a pet boutique through packaging and photography that will promote the sales of those products. I want the viewer of my exhibit to feel as if they have walked into a dog boutique. The brand itself is comprised of green and brown Kraft paper material that gives the brand a more expensive look as well as a homemade quality the packaging itself includes many hand drawn patterns that gives the packaging a fun playful nature as well. My hope is that the viewer will take away that these products are elevated to a higher level than that of everyday dog product through the use of beautiful packaging. My hope is that the packaging will have a whimsical quality that catches the viewers attention.

My hope through this exhibit is to create a cohesive brand that shows the scale of my graphic design abilities. I am a graphic designer because I saw graphic design as a way to truly use art to communicate and impact the world in an everyday way. Graphic designers have the ability to make the world a more beautiful place just as in the example of my exhibit why shouldn’t dog packaging be presented in a upscale manner. I believe people will come to my show for this reason because the products that I am designing are things that most people can relate to on a day to day basis and I am presenting these products in a new and interesting way so I feel that will draw the viewer in to my show. I hope the viewer takes away the understanding that graphic design is everywhere and it has such an impact on the way we see products and the way we see the world.

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Photo Credit, Katie Heldenbrand, 2016

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Unleashed Pet Boutique



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