Collective Being: Arranged Chaos

Collective Being: Arranged Chaos

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Lashae TaylorFollow


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Fall 11-17-2017

Artist Statement

Compositionally I focus on the use of texture, found objects, and color to create a painting language, that includes, but is not solely centered around subject matter in a way that invites the viewer to a conversation. Conceptually I am interested in relating living and nonliving forms to common experiences of existence. The experiential ideas I explore include deterioration, awareness of self, chaos, and conspiratorial characteristics of our culture. I combine varying media to communicate these subjects in an abstracted ethereal manner.

Nature and it’s connection to the the human spirit influences my use of nature-forms and man-made items. These objects work together with other media to draw out a specific connection or emotion from the viewer. Historically I am attracted to the way the artists of the Expressionist movement radically distorted subjects for emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas of their own. Contemporary Artists Pat Steir and Seth Apter also influence the way I use color, texture and found objects. Mixing media provides a sense of exploration and freedom which gives me a chance to express myself in such a flexible, varied, and creative way.

I challenge myself to solve chaos, plan, and improvise daily. I combine a sense of control and intuition to manipulate paint and other media using varying methods and building on old techniques as I go. Studying the artists’ work that I admire gives me inspiration to create expressive compositions in this manner. I begin with a broad compositional idea that continuously evolves as I make. The abstract compositions I create are further emphasized through hidden imagery, varying texture, and color that make up the dialogue between my materials and concept.

This expression of myself through painting and sculpture creates a broadened platform for me to communicate my thoughts and experiences. We are products of our environment. What makes up my environment spills over into my work to start a conversation about awareness of self, chaos, deterioration, and conspiratorial characteristics of our culture. These concepts are constantly in my mind and have an effect on all of our lives. To recognize the way these things effect us helps me gain a stronger understanding and control of my own state of being.


Timothy M. Martin; Christopher Lavery; Danielle Muzina; Dale Leys; Sarah Gutwirth


Paintings and sculpture made from mixed media and found objects ranging from as small as 4x4" to as large as 102x106x18".

Photo Credit

Photo credit, Ms. Taylor McCord and myself, 2017

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Collective Being: Arranged Chaos