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Spring 4-27-2018

Artist Statement

Tristan B. Miller Artist Statement We

I do not approach art making from a traditional angle. Other artist statements that i have written were constructed at a time where I was a completely different person, therefore, they were actually written by another person, a different me. I construct forms that bring myselves, and the viewer, closer to an understanding of what it means to be conscious and exist in relation to the natural universe. The objects themselves very in every sense of physicality depending on how the audience and I intend to utilise them. The nucleus of the work is how I act, and who I say I am, and the lives that all the other Tristan Miller’s have gone through up to that point in time. Together, my other selves have struggled with systemic entities, who utilise our knowledge of the universe. The purpose of my work is to bring the versions of me to one another, and learn from themselves more about the human experience throughout time and space. By having all of these versions of myself I am able to drastically change my work and my behavior to discuss topics when the desire arises. The experience is strange and alluring at the same time. Eventually human beings will be able to travel through time and space, at which point a person will encounter previous and alternate versions of themselves. I strive to create this world in my art, so that i can discuss existential motifs, surrounded by science and a relationship with the physical world, but in the present, through myself. The future I have described is inevitable, it is only a matter of when, to which my art answers, “now”. By having multiple versions of who i am i can discuss and analyse Tristan Miller as an idea, while my idea of who i am, and what it means to be alive, evolves. As far as addressing the physical art making I prefer to do that in ways that are not traditional, because the other versions of me are not all artists, and this gives me the opportunity to evolve the gallery and viewer experience. To me my work is a show, it's an induction into worlds unknown, a brief membership, one that is relatable, and human. Existence and evolution of consciousness, caused by a relationship with the physical universe, is one half of my work, while the other is performing in public with actual people. The audience learns just as much about themselves after each of my shows, as i do about myself.


Chris Lavery


Tristan B. Miller Exhibition Narrative O - / A connection was discovered and from that came a formula as well as half of a road map. We knew the others existed and we couldn’t see them, but finally we knew where they were, and how to send one of us there. Using two liberated Massogrophers from O.R.I.O.N as well as the Curris Center gallery space, we powered the convergence tank on the other side of campus. Gate code lined the plastic covered walls and floors in order to convert the area into the energy circuit we needed, and the viewers with all of their alternate selves were the battery on which our gate operated. While inside the suspension fluid of the convergence tank, Tristan Miller journeyed to the others in hopes of bringing them back to Earth Zero. There was a breach in the tank as well as a breach in Miller’s mind, we have yet to determine which caused the other, all that we know is that once Miller came back, he was no longer alone. Miller carried inside his being, twenty three others, and it is because of this breach that we now understand tragically, that not all of us are benevolent. In direct reaction to this exhibition we are planning to reverse this accident in the near future with better tools and outside help.

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Photo Credit, Tyler Barker, 2018

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

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