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Social Construct



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Spring 4-12-2018

Artist Statement

Humans are obsessed with categorization of objects and even people. Stereotypes are just one way this manifests itself. Humans are stereotyped into gender, class, race, and sexuality (just to name a few). These categorizations can cause a major disruption to society. Not only do I explore the way stereotypes effect society as a whole, but the way an individual functions as they are placing an receiving these labels.

In some of my sculptural pieces are interactive which, allows the viewer to take a larger role in the art piece. My work allow for my viewers to make choices in the art piece that will ultimately stereotype a person or an object. I do this to mirror the choices that happen in our day to day lives. This is in an effort to show that everyone is a part of the problem just as, collectively, we are a part of a solution.

Creating an environment and taking over a space is important to my work. Paula Scher does this with large typography and large fields of hand drawn maps. By taking over the space she strips the gallery of stigma. Therefore, when the viewer enters the space the environment will feel playful due to my use of intense colors and hands on objects. The Memphis Design Group influenced me greatly in this area. They make objects colorful and playful in there design so they would seem more approachable. My sculptures reflect this whether it is by using the intense orange I use on my graphic icons or the lime green used on the gestural hands. I used graphic design as a way to help my viewers investigate the space around them. I use typography and illustration in one sculpture as a way to evoke empathy and draw the viewer in.

In addition, graphic design is something people interact and see every day. Therefore, I am using it as a familiar language to help communicate to the viewers. For instance, I use icons which are familiar the average person. By using objects and symbols people are familiar with the art pieces will seem more familiar as well.


Antje Gamble, Chris Lavery, Jim Bryant


vynal and found object 7' x 12'

plaster and board 6 x 6'

vynal and plastic

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Social Construct



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