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Academic Level at Time of Creation


Date of Creation

Spring 4-13-2018

Artist Statement

Bound by the “F” word;


This label of otherness is what consumes my work and has become an outlet for my personal frustrations with the world around me. These sculptures are a manifestation of my feelings as i’m shaped by and seen through “the male gaze.” This term is from Laura mulvey’s theory that proposes that the act of viewing women is as an object to satisfy a heterosexual masculine gaze. exaggerating and imprisoning my form, These objects draw attention to restrictions placed on me for just being female.

Through the visual language of my primary audience, millennials, I reflect on the immense amount of digital media that targets women, specifically telling them that they need to be more attractive. External stimuli like advertising images and my own experiences from day-to-day life provide the inspiration for these objects.

Some reactions I have received since I began to identify as an artist Include: Not enough, too much, white knight syndrome, quotes I hear replay in my mind over and over reminding me that everyone is watching. So I strive to generate awareness and a new perspective about how the objectification of women affects everyone, men included. I believe we can choose the degree to which We participate in systems of oppression. it is through art that a mirror is held up to society for us to see its true reflection in hopes of an awakening. This is the time for artists to be open and radical.


Sarah Martin, Jeanne Beaver, Kristin Reeves


Five wearable sculpture forms will represent five elements that make up my personal definition of identity. The gallery is a square box in its simplest form, this space will represent the world that surrounds me. Breaking up the space inside the gallery I will construct another simple visual metaphor of a box made of two suggested fabric walls creating an interior and exterior. The interior will put on display the sculptures mentioned above that represent manifestations of my psyche which are shaped by and seen through the male gaze. This space will give the viewer a predetermined avenue creating a walkway to see the sculptures. The exterior will frame imagery using multiple analogue and digital processes, displaying my reflection on the immense amount of media that I ingest targeted to to me as a woman. The images will be displayed through projectors, television sets, computer monitors, and printed materials. These items will communicate how appearance is what makes women valuable. As viewers walk into the gallery, inside one overall installation piece, they will be guided through the over abundant pathway similar to my own life.

Three specific works that represent the influences for my show are, Choke, #nextlevelshit, and Pink pearl pretty. These works represent my response to the over saturation of media based on attraction. Using products and values sold to me, that glorify an unrealistic being, intending to give a false promise to be better than those around me. These works represent my experiences as a woman in the modern American society, evoking conversation with others who have also experienced similar acts or are unaware of these experiences shared by so many.

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Bound by the F* Word



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