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Spring 2018

Artist Statement

Human beings thrive on communication and strive to connect with others in many ways. In spite of our desires or best efforts, communication and connection sometimes falls short of perfect clarity. Our interpretation of a person’s nonverbal cues may fail to match what they are saying, and words left unspoken can create voids and barriers. I find significance in our miscommunications, misinterpretations, and our difficulty connecting with one another. This work explores how domestic objects can influence the dynamics of a conversation and are witness to our communication with one another.

My current body of work explores interpersonal communication and relationships represented through domestic objects. I seek to illustrate the way communication can change as it is transmitted from one person to another, and the voids created through the absence of words. This occurs most poignantly in our home lives, where clear communication is often most critical to our happiness.

Furniture also directs us to interact with others in a certain manner. The spatial arrangement of furniture may determine the flow of a conversation. When a conversation between two people shifts, the individuals either gravitate closer together or stay at a reasonable distance. These objects are stand-ins for ourselves. We are individuals with unique characteristics, just as any handmade object. No piece is exactly alike and has its own personality.


John Utgaard, Sarah Martin, Nicole Hand-Bryant, Timothy Martin


Dialogue consisted of five artworks: one on the wall and four sets of chairs. All pieces are made out of wood and some include the use of other materials, such as metal or fibers. The general theme of the exhibition is about conversations between one another. Through the body of work, I wanted to illustrate the dynamics of a conversation and try to seek where dialogues fall short.

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