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Unraveling Path

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Ana TraceskiFollow



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Date of Creation

Fall 10-26-2018

Artist Statement

My art is an expansive pool of contrasting ideas formed by observation of the two cultures that have influenced who I am today. My art is about similarities and differences; of past times and of new experiences, of memories old and new. My art is about past and present surroundings that are cast in a different light, a new scope, by being filtered through personal expression. By spending time painting in my studio and by exploring subjects and characters from my life, near and far in order to artistically convey a moment in time.

Perceptions, receptions and misconceptions occur as my two cultures interact in clashing memories. The warmth of the tropical landscape, a starry night on a cloudless sky and the warm feeling of childhood dreams are complementary to the stillness of the summer days, colorful sunsets and changing seasons of the northern hemisphere. Through color and shape, I seek to narrow the path, the uncomfortable lapse between noise and silence, city and nature, openness and closeness as I express the essence of the whole on my canvas. Tension between figures, composition and color opens the door to my vulnerability, which most of the time aligns with the rewarding joy of a well spend time at the easel.

I took upon myself the old discipline of self portraits and in doing so I have found a new path for my figurative -representational art. Collage has been the catalyst to move my art forward in many positive and fulfilling venues. I am at the moment exploring new surfaces, textures, and techniques. By incorporating wood panels, canvas, silks, found materials, acrylics, dyes and oils in collage it has open new concepts and visual energy to my compositions as silk gives a new transparency that complements textures and enhances the dreamlike, imaginative aspect of my work.

In my work blue unifies human essence and its connection to earth. It is my favorite color in all shades and hues. The viewer will always find a saturated blue sky or a patch of blue in my paintings. Sometimes blue holds a story on its own, and perhaps my story will align with the viewer’s story.

Ana C. Traceski.



Danielle Muzina, Sarah Martin, ZB Smetana


Unraveling. Mix Media on Wood Panel, 23 ½”x 22”. 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Impasse. Mix Media on Canvas 24”x 20” 2018

Traceski, Ana. Dualism. Oil on Wood Panel 20”x16” 2017

Traceski, Ana. Bare Essence, Oil on Wood 20”x16” 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Impetus, Collage on Canvas 21 ½” x 31”. 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Resemblance, Silk, Dye on Canvas 20”x16” 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Impressions. Experimental Collage 20”x 16” 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Elation. Collage on Canvas 36”x 48”.2018.

Traceski, Ana Diversity. Portrait Collage on Wood Panel. 20”x16”. 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Mystified Mix Media, Collage on Canvas 20’x 16”. 2018.

Traceski, Ana. Private Conversation. Collage, 53”x 35”. 2018

Traceski, Ana. Premonition. Mix Media, Collage 16” x 11” 2018

Traceski, Ana. Acute. Oil on Canvas. 16”x 20”. 2018

Traceski, Ana Marks III. Silk and Dye on Wood Panel. 20” x 16”. 2016.

Photo Credit

Photo credit, Mr. David Alfonso, 2018

Unraveling Path



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