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Above and Within

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Caitlin CroninFollow



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Fall 11-16-2018

Artist Statement

Above and Within

Caitlin Cronin

I am composing delicate forms in expansive spaces. These forms are present and responsive, like human figures existing in an atmosphere. The spaces of my paintings are tangible and subjective, almost as if to question whether the subjects in the space are truly alone.

The subjects that I compose in the atmospheres I create conjure memories and feelings based on their color, texture, posture, age, or aesthetic. As the expansive spaces created surround these delicate forms, I seek to convey a feeling of solitude and mystery as the vulnerable beings are embraced by the space around them. Some compositions contain cloth forms, while others depict objects that symbolize mortality or an emotional condition. I sculpt the cloth forms in a way that presents them as having expressions. As a result, they are theatrical in presentation and communicates a state of being, a figure existing in a moment.

The ethereal atmospheres in my works are a commonality in my pieces. Some are inspired from my evening drives; the sunsets and open space begin to inhale a deep breath. Some are darker, like quiet rooms where the presence of light still lingers. This psychological space considers the feeling of being in the care of a creator, a higher power. Like the objects and forms abiding within these painted atmospheres, we long for our imperfect conditions to be accepted and cherished. With my works, I seek to instill a sense of hope and provide a moment of safety and introspection for those who view my work.

My works conceptualize my experiences and weighted emotions. I find hope in the midst of lamentation and rest in moments of chaos. These states of being are an innate aspect of humanity. My work address our shared mortality, from our stories to our fading bodies. With this, I also hope to instill a sense of compassion. I become vulnerable for the sake of the unknown faces viewing my work in hopes that they may link their experiences with my paintings, and in turn have a moment of solitude themselves as they view these expansive spaces adoring the forms within them.


T. Michael Martin; Dale Leys; Rebecca Williams; John Utgaard; Danielle Mužina


My exhibition, Above and Within, displays small to large scaled oil and open acrylic paintings that are naturalistic and surreal as I personify drapery and objects in expansive spaces to communicate hopefulness in the midst of ones state of being. My paintings also address our shared mortality, from our stories to our faded bodies. With this, I hope to instill a sense of compassion to those who view my work.

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Above and Within



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