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Winter 12-5-2018

Artist Statement

Humans have a tendency to be self-absorbed; because of that we’ve evolved our ability to communicate to one another, in many different ways, more advanced than any other animal on the planet. Humans always express themselves to one another through the emotions they feel in a certain situation. One form of communication that seems universal for humans is the way we react emotionally to each other. Through the processes of printmaking, etching and lithography, I am expressing a certain situation I may experience myself but also connecting my own experience with others; making my viewers feel relatable and connected with me and each other through my art. Eva Hesse is an artist who also pulled emotional inspiration from her own life experiences to make her work; even though she was a sculpture, conceptually, she formed her ideas for her work the same as I do.

Etching allows me to use expressive mark making which helps me capture movement and emotions. The ability to capture fine details, makes the viewer want to look closer and observe the work longer; giving enough time for them feel a relatable emotion being expressed in the work. As well as, allowing me to transfer my drawings almost directly to the plate I’m using, thus allowing me to keep the drawing quality I like in my work. Etching allows me to use values, which is important with my work since I rarely use color but want to still get raw and juicy textures in my etchings.

Along the side of humans being self-absorbed and affecting one another with our own actions, both physically and emotionally, comes the human influence of Earth. This is where my focus lies in my other emphasis, metalsmithing. I pull my concept from the way humans treat the earth; modifying it to fit our needs while ignoring its needs to stay healthy. I collect both naturally made and human made object I find in natural and modify them with different metals to make an art piece.


Nicole Hand-Bryant


Mainly drypoint intaglio on BFK white

Photo Credit

Just me

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