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Date of Creation

Fall 12-5-2018

Artist Statement

The way I design is visually representative of the way I understand the world. Clean typography and strong layout are accented by texture, line and illustration to become understandable. There is no “because I said so” in my work, it all has a purpose and is meant to be calm, clear, and conscious of the viewer. To me rock climbing and graphic design are similar, both require focus, accuracy and awareness.

The architecture of an artificial wall is geometric and modern unlike the organic age-old beauty of a natural cliff. Zenvertigo is a climbing gym based in Anchorage, Alaska that visually merges the outdoor with the indoor by using modern typography and clean lines with organic textures and images. I used pieces of imagery around Anchorage to build the foundation of the brand; navy blue mimics the midnight sky, light greens reference Chugach State Park, round neon-style type signals the Aurora Borealis and the complex texture comes from the granite that creates Mount Denali. The logo is a response to the feeling of vertigo, moving vertically while being signaled directionally by the chevron symbol. David Carson’s experimental typography, strong dominant type from the late great Massimo Vignelli, and the incorporation of personality by Stefan Sagmeister helped to shape the foundation of the brand.


James Bryant, Sarah Martin, Nicole Hand, Timothy Martin


mug packages 4x4x3in craft paper

waterbottle packaging 4x4x10in craft paper

10x business cards 2x3.5in craft paper

letterhead 8.5x11in craft paper

6x banners 24x60in banner paper

website mockup 16x32.5in paper mounted on foam core

grades and rules poster 24x36in paper mounted on foam core

various wall mounted vinyl 12x60in words and chevron pattern

3x t-shirts




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