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Xinyi LiuFollow


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Spring 4-12-2019

Artist Statement

I am a graphic design major student who focuses on branding, typography, package design, and layout design. Under the influence of Japanese anime and video games and started with fan art, digital drawing has gradually been part of my focus as well. To me, design and illustrations often serve each other. As for my BFA show, I chose to design branding for a fictional game company and then conceptually design its product, the game LOST LEGENDS, and devoted to my favorite content of digital drawing, character design, and illustration. I have been trying to maintain my level of drawing through regular practice. After I learned chiaroscuro from Renaissance during art history class in Murray State University, I started involving traditional painting style into my modern digital drawing, and this technique has been practiced in two of my largest pieces Crystal Lake and Final Battle, using warm and cool tone to create an atmosphere that feels calm or antagonistic. I enjoy different media and techniques and tried multiple styles on both character design and illustration. They all look done by the same person, but details incorporate different techniques. I systematically learned the concept of game concept design in China, which focuses on Asian anime style game design, and I end up with one that’s of this style. And the character design is incorporated into branding design techniques that I have perfected during years at Murray State University. Hopefully, I completed a relatively professional game design that can attract young customers. I always want to bring atmosphere and details into my digital art, and I got inspiration from renaissance painting and contained chiaroscuro into most of my digital artworks, especially illustration. I also include Mucha’s style in the piece Althea.


Zbynek Smetana; Sarah Martin; James Bryant


The theme of the show is concept design for a fictional game company, and design their product, the game, which called LOST LEGENDS. The focus is the character design and illustration.

My audiences are mostly college students, and they’re all young and most of them love video games, that’s why I think it can become an exciting theme. I will make the print of the figure and some of the illustrations to be large to amaze people visually.

Most of them are digital prints on foam board and hang on the wall. Here’s the list:

1)Vinyl title + Large figure (the player figure) + statement + notebook

2)Main character design x2

3)business system image + game package (I have empty PS4 game box that can put a piece of paper in) + package box

4)Vertical poster (Mucha style)

5)Horizontal poster x2

6)phone case + background poster(I made two for now, maybe use one, or even more)

7)character illustration (I have 6 finished now, could make more, it's fast)

8)NPC character design x3

9)Video (mainly drawing process, 1min)