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Rural Roots

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Kayleigh DoyleFollow



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Download Collective, Long Stitch Book 9” x 3” 2019 (1.5 MB)

Download Lady in Black, Screen print 18”x 24” 2019 (6.6 MB)

Download Rediscovery, Oil Paint on Canvas 36”x 48” 2019 (1.9 MB)

Download Homegrown 2, Screen print 18”x 24” 2019 (877 KB)

Download Reflective, Screen print 18”x 24” 2019 (1.2 MB)

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Fall 11-15-2019

Artist Statement

A box of old family photos was gifted to me from my grandmother and I was inspired by these unique moments from the past. While researching I found that a plethora of information on these family ties and rural roots had been forgotten until the photographs had been rediscovered.Through printmaking and painting the themes of preservation and the preciousness of memory are explored. The process of printmaking is important due to its ability to exist in multiples much like the photos from which my imagery is drawn from. Painting, on the other hand, speaks to the singular preciousness that is associated with family keepsakes.

Much like Kirsten Tradowsky’s work, I strive to reanimate these lost memories and create a window into that particular moment of the image. By creating this bridge to the past we can observe some other influences to this work such as; odd knickknacks, rural southern living, and family dynamics throughout american history. This body of work takes imagery from pictures and deconstructs them into their most vital parts. The pieces are then compiled together to deliver an almost cliff-notes version of the information in the image. When the photo is abstracted this allows for the preservation of the small details of shared memory that give momentos their importance. Through the recontextualization of these tokens of the past my audience will gain a similar drive to preserve small moments of history for themselves so that the interesting details are not lost.


Nicole Hand-Bryant; Danielle Muzina; Sarah Ellis; T Mike Martin


This exhibition looks into the preservation of memory and small moments of history (particularly small town history) in a cliffnotes fashion. By simplifying old family photos down into their most vital pieces the viewer is more likely to retain the information and therefore the stories and interesting details of these moments can be preserved. This is accomplished through a combination of oil painting, printmaking, and bookbinding methods to speak about different parts of this rediscovery of the past.

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Rural Roots



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