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Spring 5-1-2020

Artist Statement

My work explores the ways in which the viewer might use technology to interact with the exhibit around them. The exhibition space consists of 5 travel posters united by a common theme and intended to pique the viewer's interest. Through the use of an accompanying mobile website, the audience may further interact and delve deeper into the meaning behind the posters. By utilizing technology in this supplementary manner I intend to add greater depth to the objects that exist in the physical world.

The subject matter of the exhibition is the forgotten remains and stories of the people who once inhabited the Land Between the Lakes. These stylistic depictions of abandoned structures and dilapidated buildings are intended to cultivate viewer intrigue. As the viewer is drawn in, the mobile interface will provide background information and supplementary interactions and photos. There is a distinct irony between the depiction of a world forgotten and the immortalization of that world through art and technology.

In a more abstract manner, the focus of my work is the simplification of the way a viewer digests information. I want to create a flow of information that is strictly organized by a hierarchy of relevance, making it easy to comprehend even if the finer details are not seen immediately.

Stylistic inspiration for my work is drawn largely from Herb Lubalin, Dan MacAdam and Kevin Mercier. Lubalin is a significant source of my typographic inspiration and hierarchical reference. MacAdam’s prints have been a great resource as I worked out how to display the architectural elements in the compositional space. The UX work Mercier produces, helped me to construct a UI that is easily navigable; furthermore he inspired the subtle use of transitions as the user courses through the supplementary material. I have taken inspiration from these artists and their work to try to incorporate my work in the physical and digital realm.


Jim Bryant; Feifei Pang; John Utgaard


This poster exhibition focuses on the lost history of those people whom were forced by the Tennessee Valley Authority to leave their homes in the area that is now the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. The exhibit consist of five digitally designed posters that highlight forgotten landmarks and a supplementary mobile website to provide a greater context to the posters.

The posters are 24"x36" and they were all designed using adobe illustrator. The accompanying website was coded from scratch using HTML, CSS, and Jquery.

Legends Between the Lakes



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