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Date of Creation

Spring 4-23-2021

Artist Statement

Knowledge has always been important to me. Learning new things is exciting and I want to use the graphic design skills I have acquired to bring that joy to others. In order to combine my interests in learning, historical events, and my passion for design I have decided to create a traveling exhibit centered around the rise and fall of Pompeii.

By presenting information in an exciting way I expect to maintain an audience. In order to keep my audience engaged this exhibition includes a variety of pieces including digital timelines, informational pieces, and photographs to emulate a museum exhibition. Adding to this experience, large vinyl accents and text on the walls gives the exhibition a well-rounded sense of scale. I am employing a warm color palette with earthy tones and an accent color of rust red in order to represent colors associated with a volcano. To create cohesion through my body of work, I use a rule in the accent color at the bottom of the pieces so that there is a visual reminder that all of these designs are tied together. Through these works I am able to appeal to a wide range of demographics and bring history to people in hopes that they walk away with a sense of excitement about history and Pompeii— the same excitement I feel when designing for it.

I find that the works of April Grieman influence some of my design choices. I am drawn to the way they use text as a pattern to create an aesthetic. In my pieces, like the informative piece on daily life in Pompeii, you can see that I try to emulate that feeling with the use of Large type on the vertical axis to create a visual profile consistent in my body of work. 1220 Exhibits is another influence on my choices for this body of work. They create a space that the audience can react to in a way that helps them understand a product or lesson the space was designed for. They explore new techniques that elevate the information being presented. Their designs also help create flow throughout a space to make the learning experience go smoother.


James Bryant; John Utgaard; Christopher Lavery; Woody Leslie; T. Michael Martin


Pompeii: The Lost City is a mini traveling exhibit focused around the topic of Pompeii. As for content there will be information about the history and culture of Pompeii as well as descriptions of the volcanic eruption. The exhibition opens up with a laser cut logo hanging independently on the wall, above vinyl cut wall text introducing some background information about the exhibit. The first three pieces of the exhibition detail the history of Pompeii, information about daily life during that time as well as historical information about an important figure. Separated by a large vertical strip of orange vinyl is a TV monitor playing an animated timeline of the day of the eruption. The next section is the eruption portion of the exhibit. Following the TV is an illustrated map of the surrounding area with a description of the ash distribution along with a diagram of the ash cloud. The last piece on the long wall is a vinyl cut display of the eruption process. This layout is such to reference a timeline starting with historical information and ending with the eruption. This promotes memory retention and encourages learning. On the short wall there will be three large banners that have large text of translated graffiti that work as promotional pieces for the exhibition.

Photo Credit

Photo Credit, Mallory Rice, 2021

Photo Credit, Kieran Beasley, 2021

Pompeii: The Lost City



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