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Spring 5-4-2017

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

I am trying to show the freedom in my works that an artistic life provides to me and also find the process of making artwork is a way to release inner stress. I am focusing on the sculpture because making sculpture is perfect for creative expression and release of tension. I like to use the technique some like twisting, combination of the line and shape, hanging and mix material on my project, I think that is more suitable to show the meaning of freedom. And, sometimes my artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues, it is similar to a lot of artists in the world, Ai Weiwei is one of them, I am his big fans, the reason may be we both come from China, I can easily be understated the meaning he want to show in his work, and that was always my reference. I think that also a part of “the freedom” I keep searching for, it is the freedom of expression. So, I keep creating different project try to show the freedom feeling and talk about the social problem or the problem of human and nature. I still enjoy making other things as well to balance myself, I used to make some graphic designs, drawing and painting blend into my life, I like that so much, and I want to combine the 2D designs and the 3D sculpture.

In most of my works, there is a narrative of freedom, which is mainly reflected in the way I produced and emotional performance.

But what about this? For me, this makes some of the ironies of sensitive topics and from my understanding. As a Chinese art worker, in some cases, we do not have the freedom of speech, and in some cases, "some people" need to hide some of the real reports of things, so as to maintain social stability. But I think everyone has their analysis and understanding of things, of course, the best way is to say it boldly.


Christopher Lavery; John Utgaard; Timothy Martin; Dale Leys


A short Exhibition Narrative/Abstract about the works you exhibited

This is a show about the freedom, most of the work have hanging, combination of the line and shape, and twisting style to show the meaning of the freedom. The show doing good, for every part, I learned a lot of new things when I install the show in the gallery, even though that let me super busy and tired, but the new experience let me get excited. And the people who coming for the show, and they all feel like it and keep asker me the question about my art, and after I give them the explain, they can understand and got why I did in that way. I feel really great. Thanks all.

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