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No Loose Ends/Cosmic Threads

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Kelsie BlackstonFollow



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Fall 11-18-2016

Artist Statement

Kelsie Blackston

Artist Statement

My interest in graphic design stems from the love of art and computers I had while growing up. Although I’ve always been interested in drawing and expressing my ideas through artistic means, I started college hoping to go into computer science. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I would enjoy taking a more artistic route, and that’s how I ended up here today.

When I begin a project, I start by researching and sketching. Through researching, I find new styles and artists that inspire me constantly. However, there are artists that I tend to always think of when starting a new project. A couple of them are Louise Fili, for her elegant and beautiful use of typography, and Saul Bass, because of his simple, yet iconic, logo designs.

As a designer, I’ve learned to be flexible to fulfill the requirements of each project. While I believe my style is flexible, I tend to be drawn to certain things. Even as I got older, I found that I was always attracted to playful and bubbly styles; things that would often be described as “cute”. This tends to come through in my work, whether it be the typeface, color palette, or style of illustration I’ve chosen to use.

When designing Cosmic Threads, a space themed girl’s underwear company, I could do whatever I wanted with little limitations. This allowed me to be overly playful with my designs and have fun with my pieces. Over all, Cosmic Threads is an example of who I am as a designer, and what I want my work to continue to be.


Jim Bryant


My exhibition shows package design and pattern design, as well as catalog/booklet design, and logo and ad design. I wanted to challenge myself for this exhibition and do things I didn't yet have experience in. I designed 11 total space themed patterns, the logo, two packages, a catalog for the brand, and two promotional handouts for the show. Cosmic Threads is a space-themed girl's underwear company that started with a drawing of a spaceship in my sketchbook. I wanted the company to be geared towards girls ages 9 to 17 years of age. My idea was that the company would have unique space themed patterns for their underwear. This company would be unique because it would offer girls an alternative to the usual princess, flower, or typical patterned underwear that's out there. Usually, space would be categorized as a theme for boys, so I wanted to make something that wasn't typically seen as "girly" into, well, something girly. I have always been drawn to cute and cartoony styles, and I think that really shows in my exhibition as well. I believe that this exhibiton is a great example of who I am as an artist and designer.

Lightweight cardstock packaging with canvas inside: 7 3" x 4" packages, 5 5" x 8" packages

Paper booklet: 8" x 8"

11 space themed patterns

Cardstock promotional ads: 10 6" x 4" ads

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0 License.

No Loose Ends/Cosmic Threads



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