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Fall 2017

Artist Statement

Ty Elrod

Artist Statement for "Fixed" Eagle Upper Gallery, 2017

When I was a child Band-Aids could fix anything. From cuts and scrapes to broken toys, they were a cure all to my childhood. But as I grew older I realized they really couldn’t fix anything at all, if anything they could be a bit of a hindrance.

"Fixed" is a satirical commentary about that childlike naivety that I once, and I’m sure many others, felt once upon a time. In this exhibition, I use striking photographs to emphasize the fragility of life while equating each of them to a different country wide issue we all face, as adults, and as Americans. Each issue greatly effects are current lives and our future and yet many people choose to ignore or throw aside these issues thinking someone else will take care of it, or it’s not my job to handle it. Much like the view many have in regards to the roadkill alongside the road.



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self; Ty Elrod

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