Personal Touch

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Personal Touch

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Spring 3-11-2018

Artist Statement

My art is apart of who I am. Each piece is personal, thought about, made with my own two hands. I take great pride in all the things I make, like most people I had always signed my art to make a claim on its origin. With these new pieces I am taking a new approach on my leaving my signature, I am instead leaving my physical mark on each piece. When I made these pieces I was mainly considering passing them on, either gifting or selling, and how my audience and consumers would connect me to the art. So to make my pieces more personal I embed marks and make each piece by hand, no potters wheel. All these pieces encompass marks or fingerprints left on their surfaces, I call them my purposeful prints. The marks are all decorative and thought about, but mainly made to carry myself on with each piece


Dr. Rebecca Williams


Earthenware ceramics

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Personal Touch