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Fall 10-12-2018

Artist Statement

As a figurative painter, I use my art to tell a story and evoke a feeling of seclusion vs. inclusion with my viewers. I use semi-anonymous figures to drive the feeling of relatability - whether that feeling is coming from a witness or a victim, is up to the viewer.

Tending to work with oil paint and loving its fluidity, the work I produce is about self-healing and growth through struggles. My work is inspired by the toughness instilled in me at a young age and the idea that, in order to help others, I must be able to help myself first. I produce my artwork to make others feel that they are relatable and I use my art to promote self-love, self-help and an appreciation of the vulnerability and effort it takes to be honest about mental health issues and what it takes to find help.

Stylistically, I approach these unwelcoming themes by using soft lines and textures, bright, yet harsh colors, realism, and careful value shifts to accurately depict form, mass and space. Color is an important tool of mine, and oil paint allows me to use that to the full potential. The subject matter within this body of work is more specific than some of my previous works, however it is still open enough to allow the viewer to see it as whoever they wish it to be. I chose this concept in order to convey to my audience that it’s okay to not be okay, and that they are never alone in that, no matter how much it feels that way.

As many other artists are, I am influenced heavily by contemporary artists. Katie Geary and Mary Woronov are two artists that inspire and influence my work heavily, as they are painters who focus on realism, value, color, and the effects of mental health. I am often drawn to paintings or painters who focus on things like line, the figure, color, and value shifts. I make new works based on my own current state and find inspirations from those who surround me and the ways in which they handle their own struggles.

-Hailey Church, 2018


Rebecca Williams


Solidarity. 2018. 24x30. Oil on Canvas.

Crybaby. 2018. 7x14. Oil on Canvas.

Wipe it Away. 2018. 7x14. Oil on Canvas.

Reaching for a Fixative. 2018. 24x30. Oil on Canvas.

Vulnerability. 2018. 16x20. Oil on Canvas.

Colliding Spaces



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