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Colliding Spaces

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Nancy CravenFollow



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Fall 10-12-2018

Artist Statement

Figurative work is what drives my art to convey and evoke emotion. The figures become derivatives of nature using organic lines, whether they are a naturalistic depiction or an abstraction.

My preferred mediums are woodworking and drawing. Many of my wood projects focus on form and are constructed of smooth, flowing lines with open spaces. My form-focused works are often modeled after things such as nature, the figure or music, and target a specific emotion or idea. Some of my works incorporate drawing and work in conjunction with a wood so that a specific concept can be conveyed. In an interest to mix my interest in drawing and woodworking, I began exploring and experimenting with pyrography, or the art of wood burning. This technique gave my drawings more depth and emotion than the simple pen contour drawings I had made before.

The subject matter I most often use in my drawings consists of hands. The concept behind this is that hands are a strong indicator of feeling, whether it be calm, tense, open, closed, etcetera. hands can be an important source of information, whether it’s interpreting an emotion or conveying an idea. I became interested in this concept in my teens, during a time in which conveying how I felt or thought through words was very difficult. I became enamored with hands and how communication can occur through gesture alone.


Sarah Martin; T. Michael Martin



Woodburning with soft pastel and acrylic paint

Photo Credit

Jason Moore, 2018

Colliding Spaces



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