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Spring 4-26-2019

Artist Statement

What viewers should be able to see in my artwork revolves around the concepts of the sublime and of nature in general. This is done by utilizing the theme of predator and prey relationships to portray the sublime. One side of this work involves the predator and prey relationships with animals, particularly birds. This is where I am inspired by wildlife, which makes me curious about the idea of nature presented in my work. By using the theme of “survival of the fittest” in my artwork, it can bridge the gap between horror and nature to create the sublime. For these works, I tend to work mostly with oil paints on canvas.

The other side of my work involving the sublime engages in conversation about Catholicism, and the nature of demons in this sect of religious faith. It is an interesting concept because the way evil is interpreted in theism is not as widely accepted as the good in theistic faiths. This is a new addition to the current sublime concept, which forces how to gauge predator and prey relations along with different topics revolving around religious culture today. The way this happens is by forming a satire of how demons are portrayed within the Catholic sect of Christianity and how they are portrayed in media. This is a way of satirizing this theme through real life means, and from widely accepted portrayals in media. For artworks like this I use painting materials and drawing materials to conceptualize my work.


Mike Martin; Danielle Muzina


These are four oil paintings on canvas. They all depict pigeons, represented in a series format titled the Caught in String series. The general theme for these artworks were about studying predator and prey relationships. Pigeons are built with weak beaks and talons, and cannot pull off any loose string or hair that can get tied around their feet. Therefore, the pigeons are represented here as the prey, while the string is depicted as the predator in each piece. One of the pieces in the series shows a close up of a pigeon being strangled by string, while another in the series shows a pigeon’s foot being tied tightly with string. The Scattered exhibition itself included art from other artists who work with various mediums and size requirements to make up a wide variety of content for the show on campus.

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