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Fall 2016

Artist Statement

I have been an avid collector of old photographs, antiques, toys, obscure items, etc.. for quite some time. They cause me to contemplate past times and how things either change, evolve in the future, or come to an end. In addition to these objects, my art is heavily influenced by the commercial world, including both contemporary and vintage advertising, illustrations, comic books, magazines, and film. In particular, I’m attracted to the bold illustrative imagery that these sources typically provide.

I am generally drawn to the comic book style of drawing/imagery found in the artwork by artists Jack Kirby, John Romita, and Alex Ross. The pages that Kirby and Romita create, and comics in general have influenced my pieces. The way I use stencils and negative spaces when surrounding the subject matter and my composition of the page are drawn from this genre. Historic artists that I have researched and continue to influence my particular style of drawing are Daniel Hopfer and Albrecht Durer. Both of these artists worked with etchings and woodcuts. I often try to emulate their line work/quality and compositional elements when creating my artwork.

The compositions of my pieces typically feature some sort of centralized figure or figures, surrounded with similarly themed imagery and contained by some kind of border or negative space. I sometimes use color to help break up the monochromatic hues and give the piece a variation in texture and an easier resting place for the eye. The subjects and themes in my pieces often relate to ideas such as space, the passage of time, and life and death, intertwined with pop culture imagery. These themes and ideas can be found within my current body of work and will continue to inspire my future creations.


Dale Leys, Timothy Martin


My exhibition consists of a group of drawings I have created over the past two semesters. All of my works feature detailed and immense line work that will draw the viewer in and leave an appreciation for the skill and time put into these works. The familiar forms will be catchy and still let the viewer come up with their own viewpoints of the piece.

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Adam Vincent, 2016

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