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Spring 4-26-2019

Artist Statement

My art comprises one unifying idea: the body. We are our bodies, and with these bodies we experience life, death, and countless emotions. With my drawings and other work I embrace these experiences and depict stark symbols relating to the body.

I explore traditional symbols of play—such as toys and games—as well as images tied to life and death. The body is more than just a thing that can live and die. With our bodies, we feel emotions and interact; with these ideas in mind, I compose pieces related to color and our capacity for connection and interaction. In this sense, these drawings are not simply about the body; they are about life, movement, emotion, and death.

In my other work, I also explore the concept of body and bodily experiences; my photography, for example, emphasizes the lifelike and organic qualities of what is essentially lifeless, such as animal remains and city scenes. My prints explore subjects of dreams and the arcane. And my sculptural works explore the boundaries between organic and inorganic substances. In this sense, all of my work encompasses the ideas of the body in some way.

Casey Johnson



Mr. T. Michael Martin


12 drawings, each ink on Bristol paper. 17" x 14"

These drawings reflect the concept of toys, games, play, and how they represent and relate to the body.

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Casey Johnson

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