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Download Thumbnail Sheet (165 KB)

Download Giraffe, Wood Carving, 2018 (1.5 MB)

Download Uncomfortable, 16”x20”, 2018 photography (1.4 MB)

Download Inner Thoughts, Photography, 2018, 16” x 12 ¼” (1.6 MB)

Download Sleeping Woman, Conte Pencil, 2017, 18”x 24 (1.5 MB)

Download Was just testing out the podium to see what my carving would look like. So happy that we put it under a light later on in the installation. (1.8 MB)

Download Measuring was never my strong point. (1.4 MB)

Download A lot of drilling screws into the wall, created a swiss cheese wall. (1.4 MB)

Download When I finished I was just so happy with how the installation turned out, (818 KB)

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Spring 5-9-2019

Artist Statement

I have been dealing with loneliness my whole life. I was given up for adoption at birth and brought from Paraguay to the United States. I feel a kind of loneliness for someone I have never met: my birth mother. In grade school I didn’t have many friends who would spend time with me outside of class. My brother was usually busy with homework and my mother and father were busy with work, leaving me a lot of time spent on my own.

My main emphasis in college has been drawing. I wanted to refine my skills that I’ve been developing since I was a kid, so it made sense to focus there. The most influential experience though was being able to draw the figure from a model. I had been drawing character and caricatures of people for a long time, but I didn’t really understand the human anatomy. Being able to draw from life has changed my understanding of what the body can do and what kind of poses are possible and now my figures are more expressive.

I didn’t think that my work had any kind of theme or concept behind it. I have realized though that everything I do, from my personal work drawing television characters to everything I have made in college that I have made has been a tool. Either a tool for me to deal with my loneliness and anxiety, or as a tool that has use for others. My work serves a purpose; that is to improve the world it’s in.


T. Michael Martin


16”x20” photograph of me sitting on a toilet

Photograph, 16” x 12 ¼” of me sitting at a table procrastinating and then being piled up with homework.

Wood Carving of a Giraffe that functions as a drawer that opens and closes on either side of the piece.

Conte Pencil, 18”x 24” Drawing of a nude model sleeping peacefully as she is being drawn.

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