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Nova TaborFollow


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Fall 11-15-2019

Artist Statement

Horror has always been something that has fascinated and intrigued me. Love for horror and horror imagery is something that was given to me by my older brother. I can remember being six years old, and sitting next to the arm of the couch, positioned perfectly so that I could see the TV, but my brother would not spot me unless he physically leaned over. Horror, especially the campy and sometimes silly fare offered by the slashers of the 80's, is psychologically fascinating. The movies allow viewers to surrender their control, and allow themselves to be scared and vulnerable, in an environment where they know they are safe. The visuals and backgrounds from certain movies stick with people for years, if not decades. When I began making my poster I wanted to honor these movies that shaped my childhood, by using their image and tone in a way that was distinctly mine. I also wanted to create my own fictional movie, to see if I could capture the same essence in a new way, that still fit in with the classic films. These posters are my love letter to the genre of horror, a genre that I feel is often misunderstood. They also utilize my passion for graphic design. The posters while reminiscent of the originals, utilize my distinct style of illustration and layout, to create works that are unsettling and scary but also fun and not to serious, much like the classic movies they were based upon.


Jim Bryant, Timothy Martin


exhibition was three posters. Medium, graphic design. Dimensions were 16' x 24', 16" x 24", and 16" x 20"

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