Barkedin BS Graphic Design Exhibition

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Barkedin BS Graphic Design Exhibition

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Spring 4-30-2020

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Katlyn Hall

BS/BFA Group Exhibition

April 28th, 2020

Barkedin Animal Rescue

My design project is based on local animal rescues. I am inspired by communities that volunteer time and money into the welfare of animals. The animal rescue brand is called Barkedin. This is a made up rescue as a case study for my exhibition. The name Barkedin is a play on from the word Linkedin as a way to connect veiwers of the purpouse of the rescue.To connect with potential adopters and find homes for strays and animals that are on the euthanasia list in shelters due to overcrowding.

I also wanted to learn what it is like to create a brand from scratch based on what professional designers work on from clientele. Based on research, Barkedin is designed with bold modern colors and flat, silhouettes inspired by Finiish patterns. Barkedin is supposed to have a sense of professionalism with a series of four informative posters on the statistics of animals that are sheltered, or strays that get euthanized or killed each year.

The logo and spine cover illustrations of the volunteer book were inspired by the Atrament font face used for the posters. The animals are abstract and modernized with a uniform line work to make my branding stand out from other rescues. The typeface for my logo Barkedin is Gill Sans to give a modernized look with a sans serif typeface and use of grey color to go with the mint green of the logo. I chose gray and mint green as my colors for the logo because I wanted to stay away from the black type and usual bright colors.


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Barkedin BS Graphic Design Exhibition