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The Whole Shabang

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Allison PittFollow



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Fall 2020

Artist Statement

My art is a combination of my two favorite things; painting and food. I use my paintings to communicate my relationship with food. Over time, my love for food has transformed into a disgusting obsession. This is shown in my work, as I display all of my favorite foods and drinks, in a manner that is unsettling. This reflects my feelings after a binge of food or my ever changing relationship with the foods that I love. I also discuss the image of my own body, and how I see myself in my own head. Like in my head, the images in my art are distorted and contain pushed perspectives that don't always make sense. I use this as an outlet for my feelings, whether I am craving pizza, or feeling guilty for my indulgence. While I use painting to manage my own relationship with food, I find that others find comfort in images of food, as I do.

I use primarily oil and acrylic paint to make my artwork. I am drawn to the paint because of the fluidity and interaction between shades. I like taking my own reference pictures, so that I can capture the exact motion or placement that I have in my head of specific subjects. I use these images and my imagination to invent a composition that pushes perspective. This reflects my in and out relationship with the foods. I like additions of things that don’t make sense or confuse the viewer with the sizes of different objects and creating some flatness on a dimensional plane. I enjoy this as an art to keep my mind creative and my artwork very intentional. Overall, I intend to use these concepts and my personal relationship to food in my artwork for myself. But I also want others to find something in my paintings, whether it be just a love for that food or sharing a similar feeling as I do.


Danielle Muzina


My exhibition concept focuses on my unhealthy relationship with food and aspects around this. I want to focus on my overindulgence with unhealthy foods, and how this obsession turns into a disgusting thing. I use oil paint on canvas and wood panel. I am exploring the relationship between these foods, and the figure in my compositions. I hope for people to relate to just indulging into something that makes you happy or feel better, and the guilt that comes with that. I make this kind of art because it allows me to explore my own relationship with foods and how this affects me and the people around me. I portray the food in a way that may not appeal appetizing, and have tried to work on my viscosity of paint and color stories within the foods and composition. I think my bigger pieces will catch the viewer’s eyes the most because I’m making a direct commentary on my unhealthy habits and imposing on others to consider their own habits, maybe even their own relationship with food.

My work consists of oil and acrylic paint on canvas.

The Whole Shabang



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