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Desires of heart

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Hsuan Hsiu ChengFollow



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Fall 2020

Artist Statement

Desires of Heart

When I touch clay, it gives me a feeling of meditative focus and potential, but also vulnerability and surrender. I am reminded that I am His clay. “And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We all are formed by your hand” (Isaiah 64:8). Clay’s malleability allows me to put my feeling or emotion into my work. Many of my art pieces are inspired by my personal experiences and faith.

Some of my work addresses emotional feelings, like depression, struggles, peace, and joy. In my sculpture called Healing, I use the texture on the outside to represent the struggle, and the brokenness of being a human. The flower inside the sculpture shows the possibility of healing and regrowth from within. Even though it’s broken, He still heals from the inside and out and made it whole again. I hope the viewer to feel touched when they see the work. When people see artwork, they might comment on how it looks at first, but I care more about the meanings and ideas behind the art pieces.

My faith is also an important influence on my work. In my series of sculptures titled “Desires of heart,” I use water to represent the elemental power and God’s creation. The heart on the water represents me. It talks about how I gave my heart for Him and no matter how many trials and sorrows I endure in this world; He holds me still among the water of the ocean. The heart also evokes the scripture “Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be” (Matthew 6:21).

My attraction to abstract form began with Hunter Stamps’ ceramic sculpture I like how emotion-provoking, dynamic and chaotic his pieces are. I also admire Antonio Canova’s sculptures because of their strong emotional appeal. While they are very unlike my work in form, his sculptures inspire me to explore abject emotional states with my artwork.

Chloe Cheng


John Utgaard


Those sculptures are ceramics, and were made from clay, and I use hand build skill to make those sculptures.

Desires of heart



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