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Spring 1-17-2017

Artist Statement

Aristotle once said that “the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”. To me this means that we do not create art in order to show the objects or subject matter as is, but instead to show what the subject matter means to us or how we interpret it. The work that I create isn’t necessarily representational. Instead it takes a more abstract form of the object that I’m trying to interpret.

When it comes to making my work, I enjoy exploring the use of line and value so the image demonstrates a more three-dimensional look. Different textures, cross hatching, exploration of patterns are all important to me. I am very interested in psychology, which was my minor. The theme of my more current art is exploring psychological disorders and phobias. I am drawn to this because I want to make people more aware about these disorders. When it comes to my art making I don’t really have any artists who inspires my work. My work which is primarily abstract/ non-objective art, comes mainly from the things that interest me. Again relating back to the theme of my show which is psychological disorders/phobias. This is something that really is important to me and makes me want to make art. Not only was it my minor, but it is also the career path I hope to pursue later in life.

Assisting individuals through art therapy, is the career path of my choice. I believe that art can be something that can help others heal and gives others a voice that they may not necessarily have on their own. I want to use art, and help other people create art in order to heal themselves.


John Utgaard


The theme of my show that I am doing is psychological disorders/phobias. This work will be consists, of abstract or non-objective drawing that I have made to represent either a specific psychological disorder or phobia. I am creating these works to help bring more awareness to psychological disorders, and to possible bring more attention and help people to better understand them. I believe people will come to see my work because it is interesting and has to deal with an important subject. My work does primarily stay in the realm of abstract or nonobjective art, so people may struggle at first with what the imagery is trying to talk about, but as long as the walk away knowing that it has to deal with the mind then I as an artist feel that I have done my job in informing the public

All of works are drawings. Six of them are 30x22. The rest are various different sizes ranging from 18x15 to 22x 15, and a mix of that. They are mainly ink drawings, as well as some prism color pencils. Also sharpie was used in some of the works, along with acrylic ink.

Photo Credit

My boyfriend Ryan Warren helped to take photos of my work, along with my father Nathan Goldman.

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