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Spring 4-15-2022

Artist Statement

My photography explores the tension between the self-consciously constructed image of the world and the fleeting accidental moment of a snapshot. Portraiture allows me to document people and experience a moment with them while I make an image that is my interpretation of reality. Part of my work takes the form of editorial photography and often features subjects that take on a sculptural appearance, as if they are precious, immovable objects. When not making editorial style images, I enjoy capturing the aspects of life that others may not notice. This stems from my sentimental personality as I get emotionally attached to objects and memories and, for that reason, I capture and hold on to every little moment. The “point-and-shoot” style helps me capture this nostalgic feeling. The spontaneity and intimacy of the snapshot is something I explore across multiple camera formats from 35mm point-and-shoots to 6x7 medium format film to digital photography. I often use harsh flash, which freezes that moment in time and creates stark shadows combined with rich colors to create a warm feeling and exude a sense of longing for an earlier time. As part of the generation that shaped “selfie” culture, I explore the idea of curating an image of myself and projecting it onto my work. In these works, there is a push and pull of capturing the tension between careful control and accident, between the incidental and staged. Ultimately, my work is an accumulation of memories of how I see myself and people and moments around me.


Cintia Segovia Figueroa, T. Mike Martin


Accumulation stems from this idea that my photography is, essentially, an accumulation of memories. It is a collection of photographs across multiple camera formats including 35mm point-and-shoots, 6x7 medium format, and digital. The arrangement is intended to have no hierarchy, just as these memories have no hierarchy in my mind. They are all scattered around with equal importance regardless of size or subject matter. All of the photographs were printed on fine art photography paper in varying sizes, ranging from 11x14 to 24x35.

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