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Unique Perspectives

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Fall 11-18-2022

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: Paige Small

A community is a place that helps one grow and feel supported through vital interactions, which helps one become who they are meant to be. Being embraced in a society that exemplifies all these things is essential. These connections most often become the ones that mean the most and have the biggest impact on someone. Examining the relationships and community surrounding me has inspired this work.

My prints show the physical embrace of being held, loved, and comforted. Hands are chosen as symbols of community and the human interaction of support and togetherness. Flowers are another symbol I have used to express care and gratitude. Layering and extending the transparency of colors adds to the complexity of my prints while adding to the comforting and inviting imagery. This use of symbolism and color illustrates the feeling of being embraced by and included in community.

Laura Berman and Morgan Echols influence the color in my prints. These artists have inspired me to explore transparency, saturation, and the layering of color. As a printmaker, I can make multiples of all my work. This allows a larger community to enjoy the prints while appreciating the small unique qualities that make them special. Within art making, exploration and the creative process in and of itself is important to me. Being able to freely create, explore, and push materials in new ways is just as essential as the outcome.


Rebecca Williams, Nicole Hand, Mike Martin


For this exhibition I showed 5 prints. 3 of those prints were made from screenprinting that are 17"x13.5". They are a cohesive body of work that show arms interlinking, which reinforces the idea of helping embraced and comforted. The other 2 are lithography prints that are 8"x6". These show an individual holding or doing something. It still can show the idea of community and something to do with other, but can also be the things that are done alone that bring comfort.

Unique Perspectives



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