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Spring 4-14-2023

Artist Statement

In my youth, I grew up watching cartoons and I mean a lot of them. Animation has always been very important to me as I am fascinated by how we give characters movement and how it gives them a personality. Some people might look at these characters and see more than what others see in the sense that a viewer could assume how these characters are supposed to act based on how they walk or how their arms move. The storytelling that we can do with these characters gives us almost unlimited possibilities with where we can go within this form of art. Animators like John Dilworth, Natasha Allergi, and Maxwell Atoms have been some major influences on where I can take this medium. I am fascinated with the storytelling and characterizations of Allergi’s Bee and Puppycat cartoon as well as the combination of comedy, horror, and deep storytelling within John Dilworth’s and Maxwell’s cartoons. The main inspirations within my body of work are the comedy and how these characters are given personalities.

One of the main themes of this body of work besides showing off animations is standing out or trying to fit in by not being yourself. Within the looping animation, the viewer sees this wolf character and each time he comes back on to the TV screen, he is dressed up differently to try to capture our attention via a television. In the energy drink commercial, an alien drinks an energy drink causing the character to act crazy and to do funny things. The skateboard commercial showcases a skateboard hurting a monster in comedic fashion and then riding away in said skateboard. Overall, with this work, the viewer should take home the idea to have fun and to be themselves.


Professor Jim Bryant; Professor Gregory Scott Cook; Professor Mike Martin


Digital Animations, all 1920 x 1080 px, Durations for each video: 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 28 seconds, 23 seconds, 15 seconds

The Essence Of Introspection



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