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Spring 4-28-2017

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Emily Bolego

Currently my primary art making is very corporate, as the field of study I’m hoping to enter has a very corporate atmosphere. It may be that the art of Graphic Design does seem to lend itself to more distant and less intimate art making and I believe that may be what attracted me to it in the first place. Although, in the previous semester I did take steps towards making my art more individual by choosing subjects that I am interested in personally and not just classical figures that are generally interesting to other people. In the coming semester I am forcing myself to take a much more intimate approach to art through an independent study, the concentration of which being deeply personal and difficult to keep at arms length.

Even in the past, my art has not been very emotionally driven, instead covering overarching classical themes that tend towards universal concepts, as opposed to expressing a personalized narrative. Its because of this distance that the subject of my show was as far removed from myself as possible. I made an art exhibit about an aquarium that doesn’t exist.


Mr. James Bryant


A seven piece installation of an ad campaign for the Saint Louis Aquarium

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