The purpose for this research paper is to understand the epidemiology of animals. The research that I have done provides an overview of the natural history of diseases with research of four different animals’ canine, feline, equine, and bovine. Each species has the ability to possess different types of diseases and I will also describe different ways to prevent them. The sources in this paper was mostly found in books at the Murray State Library, and general websites. The natural history of diseases focuses on who discovered these diseases, and where they come from. This paper will also describe the four main categories of diseases. The diseases described are infectious, non-infectious, bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases. It is very important to know about these four main diseases, and their symptoms because all around the world, there is an epidemic of diseases that severely affect animals. Towards the end of my research paper, I will discuss the epidemiology of animals, and how to prevent diseases from occurring.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2017

Senior Project Advisor

Dr. Anna Vaughn-Doom

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Agricultural Studies

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