Correctional Healthcare in America


While reading this paper, you are going find a lot of information about correctional healthcare. There are so many aspects in this field, from the employees, the nurses, doctors and staff members safe while attending to the in-mates. You will find information in regards to what makes these types of people want to work in these facilities with the in-mates, what they must go through daily to do their jobs properly and safely. There is also information contained in this paper about the aging in-mate population, and how it is costing the United States to keep them incarcerated.

You will also read about the NCCHC and how facilities get accredited to meet their standard guidelines.

There is a lot of information in regards to the drug and alcohol addictions. Programs are being offered to in-mates while incarcerated to keep them from being a repeat offender. There is also a lot of information in regards to all the mental health problems that is plaguing our system. Some states have programs being used to help assist with these mental health issues.

There are details on how in-mates receive their health care while inside correctional facilities from medical staff. It is explained from different perspectives and various facilities, so that there is a comparison from facility to facility and state to state.

Interviews done with prior incarcerated in-mates that have been released, their experience of being in the system, how it helped them with their issues, their mental illnesses and how that through the process it changed their lives.

There is description of the facilities themselves including dry cells, drunk tanks and why each is used.

Facilities are often different

, some have large medical wards, to mimic hospital settings, others have small clinics.

Correctional healthcare varies across the board in America, you will see that throughout this paper.

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