This paper is an informative look at marijuana and its benefits. With many states considering and many already legalizing medical marijuana and recreational marijuana, it is important to explore what marijuana is, its effects on the human body and the positive impacts of legalization.

The first part of the paper will cover the facts about marijuana and cannabis. What is marijuana? What is its background and history? This paper will answer these questions by exploring the ancient history and uses of the cannabis plant and how and when it was brought to America. The history of the plant in the United States will also be discussed. The history of hemp, the medical and recreational use of marijuana and the prohibition of it will be covered. The effects on the human body and medical conditions where using marijuana is beneficial as part of a treatment plan will also be explored.

The remaining part of the paper will look at how marijuana became legal in the states that first legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana and Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. This paper will explore the benefits of legalization such as new businesses, new jobs and new tax revenue. It will examine the effects on the prescription drug industry and the opioid crises. Also, the effects on the food industry and tourism will be examined along with changes in social views.

The final section of the paper will summarize marijuana’s history, effects on the human body and the benefits of legalization.

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Spring 2018

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